Saudi Arabia Has Begun A War On Digital Drugs

November 4, 2014 | Rhett Jones

While we might laugh at half-assed “digital drugs” here in America, in the land of medieval punishment known as Saudi Arabia, they take them very seriously.

According to Arab News, Abdullah Al-Sharif, Secretary General of the National Commission for Drug Control in Saudi Arabia released a statement about its mission to “curb the spread of this scourge”:

“The three parties have held urgent meetings to study this type of drug. Unlike substances that are eaten, inhaled or injected, this drug comes in the form of “sound tones,” and are typically used by those who have reached a severe level of addiction.”

In reality, these “digital drugs” are binaural beats. They are basically just sound files that — according to some — induce a physical reaction or an altered state of consciousness. It’s as much a drug as spinning around in a circle for 30-seconds is, or like doing a whippit.

Altered states of consciousness can be achieved in any number of ways: change of diet, meditation, hypnotism, or just being really open-minded and open to suggestion. Most people who try binaural beats don’t feel anything at all. Take a big hit of some “digital drugs” here man, or just check out our favorite use of the technique (that doesn’t make any lofty claims), embedded below.

(Photo: Wikipedia)