This Meme-Themed Pinball Machine Wins The Internet

December 16, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Pinball is one of the best things on earth. So are memes. So the geniuses at Liberty Games decided to smash the two together and make an unstoppable force of joy.

Refurbishing an old pinball game by 3D printing figurines of Admiral Ackbar and Grumpy Cat, they did a top notch job of trying to cram every meme into one place. Using a Raspberry Pi, the embedded screen play Nyan Cat and if you lose it of course goes for the Rick Roll. The biggest surprise is seeing Nymphomaniac on the main board. Who knew that meme had hit the big leagues?

You can see a video of mean-meme pinball machine in action right here.
(Photo: Engadget)