Here’s A Destiny-Inspired 3D Printed Hand Cannon

January 9, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

As one of the marvels of technology is its ability to turn the stuff of fictional into reality, one South African Destiny fan has replicated a hand cannon from the game into a bona-fide weapon. Product designer Kirby Downey created a model using CAD software and 3D printed the parts. He assembled it — without glue — in about 24 hours:

Thorn is an exotic hand cannon from destiny and said to be the hardest gun to get in the game. I modeled this prop using solidworks in 10 hours. and took 24 hours to print It using a interlocking mechanism which allows it to be assembled wth out any glue. i have replicated the unique trigger interaction that you get in the game where if you slowly squeese the trigger button the hammer moves back slowly in the game, the spring action is created with a simple loom band which can be seen in the images.

Downey, who has also created models for other video game guns, has uploaded the specs to My Mini Factory so you can create it, too. Or you can own a model for $250. Downey’s gun appears to be a replica, and will not actually blast your opponents. But not for long — 3D printed guns are getting scarier, more advanced, and cheaper.

(Photo: My Mini Factory)