Watch a Bunch of Crazy Surfers Ride Waves During a Snowstorm

February 11, 2015 | Bucky Turco

In Long Island, it typically takes a hurricane or really big storm to create the perfect conditions for surfers. Although the Blizzard That Never Was spared New York City, it dumped on Long Island. Despite the massive accumulation, surfers in Montauk used the opportunity to film themselves shredding gnarly waves in the snow. The footage was uploaded to the YouTube with the following description that explains how difficult a feat this was:

This was an epic battle on both ends, walking through 5 foot snow drifts to make it the break, climbing snow covered cliffs, avoiding state police, and then battling mother nature to get it all done. Here is Charlie Weimar, Nick Joeckel, Travis beckman, Zack Dayton, and Grant Monahan taking on the beast. Enjoy