Kandinsky Painting Comes to Life in Interactive Game

February 19, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

For Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky, every color had a specific sound. So one must wonder how the abstract painter would react to this animated version of his 1932 painting “Decisive Pink.” Created by two Carnegie Mellon University students, Nivetha Kannan and Sarah Kwan, the animation turns Kandinsky’s oil painting into a multi-dimensional art space in which you can click and drag elements within the painting. In turn, they dance, sing, wiggle, and squeak, inviting you to explore the “relationship between traditional abstract art and current animation.”

We’ve seen gifs of paintings and gifs of paintings doing ridiculous things, but the real artistry behind this project, Kill Screen notes, is that it forces our constantly distracted selves to play, engage, and interact with Kandinsky’s work very much in the way he intended it to nearly a century ago. Check it out here.

(Image: Nivikan.itch.io)