Kickstarter Campaign Unleashes Fart Smelled ‘Round the World

February 23, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

Farts in a jar: once a homeopathic cure for the Black Death, later a video game accessory and a crappy parody song, are now the scatological inspiration behind a shitty Kickstarter project.

The project, founded by Roy Stanton, sells farts from 80 different countries that come to you in tightly sealed, small glass jars. For a $9 pledge, donors receive one sealed jar “with a note of origin.”

However, a potato salad party it is not. Stanton is asking for $10,000 to fund his mission for world flatulence. So far, he has made $14.

If you have expectations about what the fart is supposed to smell like, please abandon those now: “Exact fart odor and consistency may vary, even between farts from the same region,” notes the campaign, “as dietary fluctuations exist within most countries.”

(Photo: Kotomi_)