Harlem Icarus Jumping Across Subway Track Eats It Hard

June 25, 2015 | Liam Mathews

The center track at the 145th Street subway station is becoming the most iconic gap in the MTA system. It’s been jumped across on skateboard and on BMX bike, impressive stunts that created a mystique. Another young fellow recently made the leap on foot, trying to add his own body to the legacy of filmed jumps from platform to platform. But he didn’t make it, and he slapped his whole shit on the floor in front of a large crowd of onlookers. Try not flinching when you hear the smack of his head and chest on the cement. I can’t do it. RIP, this dude’s pride. He was so close, too! He probably would have made it if he hadn’t broken his stride to jump with two feet. That’s my note.