The Web’s Largest Collection of Historical Software, Courtesy of Internet Archive

April 15, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

The Internet Archive, a massive online library with the goal of offering the public “permanent access” to historical digital media, has proven to be a great resource for artists and anyone else looking for obscure collections of video, music, and text. Everything from outdated car commercials to the Consumer Electronics Showcase of 1996 is available in the archive, but it hadn’t offered much in the way of software for download until recently. Jayson Scott, an employee of The Internet Archive, announced today on his personal blog that over the past two years he has remedied the issue and now touts that the archive has one of largest collections of software to date. Now all Scott needs to do is expand the archive’s metadata–he calls it “shit” in the blog post–and maybe someday we’ll actually be able to find things.

(Image: University of Ottawa)