Ryder Ripps Is #HyperCurrentLiving at Red Bull Music Academy

April 29, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Since yesterday artist Ryder Ripps has been doing a “residency” at Red Bull Music Academy in which he has been continuously drinking Red Bulls and coming up with ideas. Yes, Red Bull let him do this. They were just concerned whether or not someone should consume their product at such high quantities.

While brands are trying to become people, Ripps is trying to become a brand.

“Hyper-Current Living is a performance by Ryder Ripps in which he “lives” and “works” at Red Bull Music Academy between April 28th and May 5th 2013 – he’ll be drinking Red Bull and creating digital stuff at hyper speed. In the stream, our output is valued by its proliferation and its likes and favs – what incentive is there to spend 4 years writing a novel if it will just be a link in a stream lasting a few hours? The piece brings this trait into light by designating a time and space to the creation of such fragmented, short interactions native to social media.”

Here are some ideas from #HyperCurrentLiving:

Follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #HyperCurrentLiving and checkup on Ryder’s LiveJournal for updates. See if he crashes.