Watch Isabella Rossellini Get Inseminated by a Toad

May 10, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

Three years after the debut of her sublimely bizarre web series Green Porno was received with critical acclaim, Isabella Rossellini is back with more animal mating ritual-inspired genius.Just in time for Mother’s Day, the third installment of Green Porno offers viewers some colorful reenactments “creatures’ rites of passage into motherhood.”

See Rossellini simulate the scandalous reproductive habits of a toad, a wasp, a hamster, a cuckoo, a spider, and a dunnock (yeah we don’t know either, just watch). Sundance will release the remaining 4 episodes of Mammas on Sunday.

Be warned: Isabella’s erotic toad dance is kind of NSFW, and the cannibalistic hamster Isabella may cause you to seriously consider becoming a furry.